Equality- just a perception of mind

No two persons on earth can be said to be equal. No relationships, no couple, no siblings could have love one another equally or may have the same life or needs. Even identical twins would differ from each other in a few aspects. But first let’s dig into the common perception of equality.

We seek equality in physical strength, mental knowledge, wealth, personal traits, aspirations and happiness. No two individuals may treat or perceive these intangible things equally. We often wish that the person in front of us perceives the things as we see. A physically challenged or sick person would look at a healthy one and think, “Why isn’t that person happy? He has all the physical strength to even be an athlete.” A person struggling to put together his finances in order to buy a house would look at a man living in a villa with luxurious cars parked in his garage and think “Why isn’t that person happy? He is probably one of the richest person on earth!”

My point here is that happiness is subjective. It can’t be compared or distributed equally. Meaning of happiness can’t be equal for two individuals.

The five fingers in our hand are also not equal. One is shorter than other. But for some purposes only the shortest finger does the trick! The ‘creator‘ must have given a thought before designing our fingers the way they are. We can’t always compare or compete. There can be a tie in a race or a match between two teams but there’s always a tie breaker. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the winner is better or  just ‘lucky‘ than the runner up.

Girls are not equal to boys. They might be better or worse than them in some or the other aspects. The institution of marriage brings two unequal or different persons together and bind them to live the same life. The past of each individual may have been entirely different. Their family backgrounds, their mindset, their interests, their lifestyle, their years of birth etc. everything might not be equal. Still both the persons decide or are bound to stay together and live an ‘equal’ life. And some of them are beautifully able to live an equal life despite all their differences just by treating and perceiving each other as equals.

But sometimes even after knowing that people, things, situations are not always equal, one expects them to be equal and start cribbing about it. Even a mother can’t treat all her kids equal at the same time! One plant in your garden may need extra water and care than the other. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love or treat both equally. It is however tough to find a balance amidst all such inequalities.
Having a difference of opinion, interests, perception, intellect, social circle, eating preferences, lifestyle choices etc. with your colleagues, friends or partner can always be there. Instead of giving up to the differences and trying to make things equal, it’s always better to accept the differences and learn something new.

Our mind can be our greatest servant but biggest enemy too. If instructed properly our mind can eradicate all such differences and make things appear equal to what we had expected. But if our ego or resistance is fed to our mind then it can create such big differences that even our mirror image would appear unequal to us.


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