Memories are one intangible part of our personality that defines us. Our experiences make our memory. Sometimes we have amazing experiences and sometimes bitter. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that our experiences make such memories that get settled in some corner of our mind forever. We might forget some happenings from the past, some people who were close to us at some point in the past or whatever be the case. The fact is all of these memories get preserved in our brains and we can anytime choose to revisit the same moments through these memories.

Baatein bhool jaati hai, yaadein yaad aati hai..

Memories are indeed a wonderful power that we have. We might want to forget some awful experiences that we had. Sometimes we say, “Oh! I will forget you forever. I will erase you from my memory“. But that is really not practical. Whatever the bad experiences we had which we wish not to encounter again in life, we still couldn’t get rid of those memories as these are still stored in our subconscious mind. Ofcourse I am not considering the cases with Alzheimer diseases or any such syndromes. But normal cases.

There is no harm in revisiting the memories from our life’s own experiences. There should be no guilt or remorse as why the hell we reacted so in the past. We might think how stupid were we back then. Or perhaps think what a thrilling day it was. We might smile or even shed a tear sometimes going back in the past. But there should be no guilt revisiting those memories. This is our very own personal space which we don’t need to share with anyone without our willingness.

Memories constitute our personal space. It is that intangible part of our personal life that no one can take away from us. Photos are a good way to revisit those memories. We might get the same rush in us looking at those pictures from the past. It is our experiences, our memories that define who we are today. Our personality, our habits, our actions are someway or the other linked with what memories we made in our past life.
I had some wonderful memories and when I think of them I get some energy gushed in me telling me that I have had a good life and have made some great memories so far! Memories which I can use to do storytelling. Memories which can still bring back the smile on my face. I believe to hold back to the good memories and learn to let go of the bad ones. Bad memories teach us a lesson of life. So they are as necessary as the good memories. So whenever you feel nostalgic, thanks to all the memories your brain still holds on to and feel gratitude for them.
– Sakshi Jain


Love to travel and capture moments. This blog will help me share some of life's beautiful experiences that make memories.

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Ekta jain

Really heart touching ….seems you have made many compromises in your life


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