Langkawi island in Malaysia

Day 4

We reached Langkawi in the afternoon after taking a short flight of an hour or so from Kuala Lumpur. It was an Air Asia flight for which we need to board from KLIA 2 which is the terminal for all Air Asia flights departing from and arriving to Kuala Lumpur. Our hotel was located near the Cenang mall which is just 200-300 meters from the popular Cenang beach. It was bright sunny hot in the afternoon and the streets were all quiet.

We had to deposit additional tourism tax (13 MYR per night) when we checked in at our hotel along with a refundable security deposit of 100 MYR. The hotel services were not upto the mark but we chose this one just coz of its proximity to the beach. There were many other good luxurious resorts further away from Cenang street for those who want to stay away from all the hustle. Cenang beach area is filled with lot of street food vendors, beach cafes and shopping spots which become more alive at night when the temperature cools down.

The most famous attraction of Langkawi is the cable car to the sky bridge. Since the cable car operates provides the weather is permissible, we chose to visit this first given it was clear weather that day. The last ticket to the sky bridge is sold for 6.30PM so it is advised to reach the place a bit early. Also make sure that there is ample amount of time to take the oriental village tour which marks the start of the cable car ride. The basic standard package to buy the cable car ticket to go upto the sky bridge costs 50 Ringgit per adult which includes entry to the 3D art museum and sky dome (both located in the oriental village) along with the cable car ticket. There is a long scenic ride by the cable car to the top of the hill to go to the sky bridge. At the top the view was simply magnificent with the sea, mangrove forests and the blue never ending sky.

We needed to buy additional ticket of 5 ringgit each to go to the sky bridge from the top station. There were several steps to be climbed up and down from there. There was a sky glider to help save burn those calories climbing the stairs for a ticket of 15 ringgit which we chose to take on our way back when we got so exhausted walking. The view walking up on the sky bridge was hard to be missed. With sun setting in the background it makes the whole view even more surreal.

Before it started to get dark we made our trip back to the base where we just made the last lucky entry to see the 3D art museum since it closes by 7pm. I was glad we didn’t miss this visual treat. The whole place starts shutting down after the sunset so we made our way back to the hotel. It was bit hard to find taxi from that place. I realised that it would have been better if we had rented a car right from the airport since these taxi fares were a bit on the higher side on this island.

Day 5

The day started with the island hopping tour which we pre-booked the earlier day just when we arrived. It was a 4-5 hrs group tour in which we hopped on to 3 different islands by a speed boat. The boat ride was the best part of this tour. The speeding boat gushing through the bumpy waves of the rough sea gave such a thrill. Lot of sunscreen, a pair of glares, a towel, waterproof cover for your phone/wallet, light summer clothing and rubber slippers should be all that one must be carrying along on this island hopping tour. After spending more than an hour on the first island we hopped on to the eagle feeding point and then to the Pregnant Maiden island lake which is a fresh water lake where one can take a swim. There was an entry ticket of 6 ringgit per person to that lake.

We returned to our hotel tired after being drenched in salty sea water and sun dried. There was another tour to the Mangroves forest which we couldn’t fit in our short stay. It was supposed to be a boat ride through the mangroves with bats, fish, crocodile cave to see on the way. Underwater world was another tourist attraction which we gave a pass. We chose to spent the evening enjoying the sunset on the beach and then binging at the Yellow cafe with the sea view.

Next day marked the end of our Malaysia holidays. We took our flight from Langkawi to KLIA 2 and took KLIA express train to transit to KLIA 1 from where we boarded our flight back to New Delhi. Transit between the two huge KL airport terminals, checking in, getting across the long immigration queue and then boarding took more than 2.5 hrs with little breather. It was a relaxing fight of 5.5hrs back to Delhi post all that rush. Goodbye Malaysia.