The Great Indian Property Bazaar

Buy your own luxurious property in the heart of Noida at unbelievable affordable prices* with additional 21 benefits* such as wooden almirahs and A.C. in every* room, free club membership*, no transfer fees* on first sale and much more.

Book your villa in the lush green golf city now and also get an iPhone free* with every booking.

Special Navratra offer. 3BHK starting Rs. 60 lacs* only and 2 BHK starting Rs. 52 lacs* only. Don’t wait. Call us now.

* Terms and Conditions apply

Now many of us do come across such luring advertising offers in newspapers and on various real estate websites in our day-to-day life. We do fall prey to such exciting and unbelievable ads and reach out to our phone to make a call thinking it hardly takes a minute and a phone call to check out if I can really make the best out of such offer. Some others are even more optimistic and gullible that they straight away reach out to the builder’s office with hope to sign off the deal straightaway. But then we confront the small * that was associated with the advertisement that hooked us up. That small * has a lot of hidden terms and conditions that we often fail to pay attention to before rising the hope of buying that dream property at affordable prices.

How does these terms and conditions play with us and later results in disappointment ?

*Price applicable only for top or ground floors and non-park facing.

*Additional view and floor PLC applied (Rs.150 per sq.ft. for each floor below 14th and Rs. 250 per sq.ft. for park or corner facing)

*Initial 90% payment to be done within 15 days of booking and possession offered is after 1 year.

*Wooden almirah will be provided only in the master bedroom.

*IFMS, possession charges, maintenance charges, service tax and other charges to be paid extra which includes electricity meter, power backup, water supply, sewage treatment etc.

A middle class aam individual might just get overwhelmed after listening to all such terms and conditions. But that’s the harsh reality behind all such tempting advertisements that we see.

This is not it. There is altogether another market to fool people and to get the money out of aam aadmi’s pocket. This market is that of property resale. Whenever a new project is launched by any builder, there are few investors who buy several flats in that project at once, mostly those flats which are on lower floors and with preferential views. Now later on when any individual will reach out to an executive of the marketing partner or channel partner of that builder, he will be told that there are just few choices available to him as all the preferential flats are investor’s units. Hence these units will be costlier. Then there are also other individuals who would wish to sell out their units but then comes the concept of black moneyMost of the times, the broker who is trying to sell out these resale property will ask you how much black money can you give? The seller doesn’t want to pay tax on the profit he is making while selling his property, so he wish to be paid cash for all the profit that he is making and show the transaction on papers for the same amount that he bought the property for. And this discussion asking for black money is being done so generously that it makes you feel stupid if you ask the broker to look for a property where you can do the entire transaction legally.

There is no transparency at all. Corruption, frauds, scams have taken their place in every sector of the Indian society. More common in rich and Tier 1/Tier 2 cities. Any individual wants to get value for the money they are investing. A common service class person will have to take up home loan from the bank to afford a house. At least he deserves to get what he invested his money for. But that doesn’t happen.

Builders will promise many facilities for which they charge you in advance. But similar to the false promises of our political leaders, builders won’t provide you the facilities they charged you for. The builder may dupe you for the incorrect super area/carpet area, low-speed/poor maintained lifts/elevators, no club facilities, no security, no green belt, poor construction quality and lot many hidden reasons which one may realise only once he actually starts living in that house. It’s just as if you are living as a tenant in your own house while the builders still act as the actual landlords. This high-rise buildings culture in Noida, Delhi and NCR has been a rage off lately and there are lacs of flats constructed by builders everywhere. Most of these properties are still vacant and there is just a sale/purchase game going on between investors, brokers, builders and individual buyers.


– Sakshi Jain


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Yes this is true. Even I made call and the result is always zero. I wasted my time alot in this.

Ekta jain

Truely said….indeed they have made big offices for attracting the people where they show up their projects at heights….but all is fake .


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