Desert safari in Jaisalmer

Desert safari in Jaisalmer at the silky Sam Sand Dunes is located 41km west of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan along a good sealed road (maintained by the Indian army). It is one of the most popular excursion from the city. The band of dunes is about 2km long and is undeniably one of the most picturesque in the region. Some camel safaris camp here, but many more people just roll in for sunset, to be chased across the sands by tenacious camel owners offering short rides. Plenty more people stay overnight in one of the several tent resorts near the dunes.

These resorts can charge anything from Rs.700-800 per person (without night stay) for camel safari to the sunset point, snacks and dinner at the resort accompanied by bonfire and cultural music program. It is advisable to check the ratings of these desert camps online since there are plenty of them there to decide the best one. Jeep safari is not so popular but is available at a cheap price. I personally didn’t opt for jeep safari but just for camel safari which too I felt was hyped. The desert does offer a beautiful sight though at sunset and the whole route to the sam sand dunes from the city is also very interesting. The bonfire under the moonlight provides a decent ambience with cold breeze gusting through the desert after sunset.